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Q I am looking for a bead shop near me.  Our local one recently went out of business.

AI suggest you look at Helby Imports that services bead shops all across the nation or check online.  Helby Imports’ Beadsmith bead shop locator number is 732-969-5300


D. Hendricks, Woodbury, MN

Q: I walk my dog every night when I get home from work. As the days get shorter, I worry about he and I both   getting run over. Do you have any 3M reflective safety vests to help motorists see us in the evening as the days get dreadfully short?

A: Yes, we have the 3M Scotchlite Highway Emergency Vests that you can use. We also have added some new Safe-WearTM products in a bright reflective vest for you and a matching one for your dog. You’ll be seen! That’s safer.

R.J., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Q: How does your new Premium Copper & Brass Polish compare to 3M’s discontinued Tarni-Shield product that I liked so much?


A: As one of America’s leading companies, 3M made a great product. We also were disappointed when they stopped making it. We tried to create ours as close to it as possible. Our new polish also includes an expensive, high quality anti-tarnish ingredient. It’s far superior to the cheap copper and brass polishes being sold out there. Try ours today. As you know, we guarantee your satisfaction with all our items.


K.W., Las Vegas

Q: Does Rhodium Plating prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing?

A: Rhodium plating does help prevent tarnish. However, it also has several disadvantages, including: (1) The manufacturing price, which increases what you pay for your jewelry items at retail stores; (2) It wears off; and (3) The plating sometimes chips, leaving your item tarnished in spots and ugly.

R.J., Dallas, TX

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