Polishing Cloths & Mitts

Polishing Cloths & Mitts

Caring for your silver and other precious metal pieces is easy with our mitts and cloths! Perfect for those quick touch-up jobs. Clean and polish in one easy step!

Silver Polishing Cloth: Marsha Whitney's polishing cloths are made of the highest-quality cleaning fabrics and polishing agents to help you keep your precious jewelry and nice pieces sparkling without hours of polishing.

2-Ply Polishing Cloth (2 cloths): This special 2-ply flannel cloth effectively cleans and polishes without scratching. One cloth removes tarnish and the other buffs and removes any tarnish residue. Perfect for your necklaces, bracelets, watchbands, rings, earrings and other precious items.

Jeweler’s Secret Polishing Cloths: This acclaimed product  has been used by more than 1 million consumers to: 

  • Clean, polish and preserve jewelry
  • Provide fast, easy and safe tarnish removal
  • Give your jewelry or musical instrument a long-lasting shine
  • Slow tarnish from returning

Polishing Mitts: These cloth mitts are impregnated with premium polish. A separate plain flannel inside layer keeps your hands clean while you polish!

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2-Ply Deluxe Polishing Cloth
2-Ply Deluxe Polishing Cloth Polish and buff faster and easier than you imagined! (15 x 11 in..
Applicator Cloths
Set of 12 Applicator Cloths Great for use with all polishes. ..
Marsha Polishing Mitts
Pair of Polishing Mitts Keep your hands clean! ..
Jeweler's Secret Polishing Cloth
Jeweler's Secret Polishing Cloth Acclaimed treated 8" x 8" cloth in a quality retail bag. ..
Musician's Secret Polishing Cloth
Musician's Secret Polishing Cloth Treated 8" x 8" cloth makes your instruments shine brighter..
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