3M Tarni-Shield Polishes

3M Tarni-Shield Polishes

Nothing cleans and protects like 3M Tarni-Shield™ Polish!

3M Tarni-Shield Silver Polish can put the shine back in your home. Use this product on your silver items before storing, and then let our Anti-Tarnish Strips keep them looking like new.


  • Gentle lotion formula is easy and safe to use.
  • No harsh abrasives -- won't scratch fine metals.
  • Restores lustrous shine to flatware, jewelry, guns, trophies, coins, musical instruments and serving pieces.
  • Prevents future tarnish with special, invisible, safe coating.
  • Carries approval for Kosher kitchens.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


3M Tarni-Shield Silver Polish 8 oz. Bottle
3M Tarni-Shield™ Silver Polish The best silver polish sold! 8 oz bottle ..
3M Tarni-Shield Silver Polish Three 8 oz. Bottles
3M Tarni-Shield™ Silver Polish Save when you buy three 8-oz bottles of the best silver ..
Premium Copper & Brass Polish  One 8 oz. Bottle
Premium Copper & Brass Polish New Premium Polish One 8oz. bottle ..
Premium Copper & Brass Polish  Three 8 oz. Bottles
Premium Copper & Brass Polish New Premium Polish Three 8oz. bottles Save when you buy..
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