3M Cleaning & Screen Cloths

We offer you many choices of the highest-quality 3M microfiber cleaning cloths.  These cloths have a unique microfiber texture that lifts and traps dust, smudges and fingerprints without the use of any messy sprays or dangerous chemicals.  They include:

  • 3M Electronics Cloth (12┬Ż x. 14 in.) for your TVs, PC monitors and camera
  • 3M Lens Cleaning Cloth (7 x. 6 in.) for your reading or sunglasses, binoculars, smart phones, iPads, cameras, TV's, etc.
  • 3M Cleaning Cloth (12┬Ż x. 14 in.) to spruce up everything in your home, office, boat or recreational vehicle
  • 3M Dusting Cloth (12┬Ż x. 14 in.)  to clean your furniture and cabinets without  worrying about scrathching the nice surface 


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3M Lens Cloth (1) 6x7
3M Lens Cloth Great for glasses, cameras, binoculars. (6 x 7 in.) ..
3M Lens Cloths (3) 6x7
3M Lens Cloths Great for glasses, cameras, Binoculars. Set of 3. (6 x 7 in.) ..
3M Cleaning Cloth (1)
Scotch-Brite® High Performance Cleaning Cloth The finest microfiber cloth found anywhere..
3M Cleaning Cloths (3)
Scotch-Brite® High Performance Cleaning Cloths Cleans almost any sensitive item in your..
3M Electronics Cloth
3M Electronics Cloth For your TVs, PC monitors, CDs. (12 1/2 x 14) ..
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