Questions and Answers

Q: What are Anti-Tarnish Strips?

A: They're specially treated 2" x 6" paper strips incorporating 3M's Tarni-Shield technology that protect metals from unsightly discoloration and tarnish. They can be used with: sterling silver, copper, silverplate, tin, brass, gold, pewter, lead, bronze and other materials.

Q: How do they work?

A: They absorb sulfides and other pollutants in the air and prevent tarnish from occurring. They do not remove existing tarnish.

Q: What types of metal items do they protect?

A: Many people useAnti-Tarnish Strips to maintain the attractive appearance and high value of jewelry, fishing tackle, hollowware, flatware, cookware, tools, ornaments, coins, photos, firearms, trophies, awards, musical instruments, tea Services and other collectibles.

Q: How do I use them?

A: Simply put Anti-Tarnish Strips in an enclosure with tarnish-free metal items. The more air-tight the enclosure, the longer the strips will remain effective. The enclosure can be a china cabinet, silverware chest, drawer, jewelry box, plastic or cloth storage bag, safe-deposit box, toolbox or other container.

Q: How many strips should I use?

A: One 2" x 6" strip protects approximately one cubic foot of enclosed airspace. For instance, a 54-inch wide china cabinet would need four strips per shelf. (Place the strips at the back of the shelves, and they'll be almost unnoticeable.)

Q: Can I cut the strips to use in smaller areas?

A: Yes, but be sure to use the gauge for protection you will get using the guidelines in the answer above.

Q: Must the 3M Anti-Tarnish Strip touch the metal?

A: No, it only needs to be near it.

Q: When should I replace the strips?

A: About every six months, in normal household conditions. Their effectiveness will vary, depending on the amount of pollution and humidity in the air and the air-tightness of the enclosure. If any discoloration appears on the metal, clean it and replace the strips immediately.

Q: Are 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips safe and non-toxic?

A: Yes, they're totally safe and non-toxic when used as directed.

Q: Must I wash silverware and serving pieces that have been stored with strips before I use them?

A: No. Unlike some anti-tarnish products, 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips do not emit any fumes or leave any residue on the metal so there's nothing to remove before handling or eating off the metal.

Q: What causes black spots/streaks to appear on my silver?

A: If you are storing with a treated fabric that retards tarnish, the cloth may have lost its effectiveness or may be re-depositing captured tarnish back onto the silver. If it's happening to silver plated items, the plating may have worn too thin and the base metals are exposed.

Q: How do I measure my silver pieces to detemine the correct cloth bag size to purchase?

A: Use a simple ruler or call Customer Service at 1-800-597-0227 for help. Don't forget to add the Anti-Tarnish Strip to the mesh pocket inside the bag!

Q: How long will unopened packages of strips remain effective?

A: Two years or longer, if the outer plastic wrap remains intact.

Q: I used to buy products that aren't on the newer order form. Can I still get them?

A: Ask the person who takes telephone orders if the product is still available.

Q: Where can I buy more Anti-Tarnish Strips?

A: Some jewelers, department stores and other retailers sell them. You also can order them from 3M's authorized distributor, Marsha Whitney Products, by calling toll-free 1-800-328-1449 or e-mailing us. You can also order Anti-Tarnish Strips directly from our secure order form here. Don't settle for inferior imitations.

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